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WHRF 2014 - Strong moments

WHRF 2014 - Making off the closing ceremony

WHRF 2014 - Making off the closing ceremony

The Right to life is the first right of every human being.
The law protects this right.

Moroccan Constitution 2011 - Article 20 -

World Forum of Human Rights, important event in Ajial's history 

After having been founded in June 2014, the Ajial Foundation actively participated in the 2nd edition of the World Forum on Human Rights (FMDH), organized in Morocco from 27 to 30 November 2014, in the presence of more than 10 000 participants.
1st strategic event a few months after its creation, Ajial has been able to position itself in the ranks of promoters and protectors of human rights in Morocco, proving its involvement in this regard and its awareness of the need to operate effectively in the context social and humanitarian actions.

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