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President's Word


Dear readers, dear partners, dear members,

Women, men, adults, children, citizens, migrants ... the question of human rights affects everyone. Acting to promote the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and international humanitarian law as they are universally defined, is the main objective of the AJIAL foundation that I have the honor to chair. To this end, the foundation works to combat any discrimination based on sex, color, beliefs, culture, social origin, language, physical appearance, political affiliation, or any other personal condition.

Conscious of the importance of respecting and guaranteeing human rights, the Kingdom of Morocco is committed, both nationally and internationally, to a dynamic of respect and guarantee of these rights. Indeed, by setting up a new constitution in 2011 and organizing the second edition of the World Forum on Human Rights in 2014, whose AJIAL Foundation took part in the development; Morocco continues to express its commitment in the question of respect for the human being and his dignity.

For its part, since its establishment in 2014, AJIAL acts with relevant actions to defend and promote human rights. Today, we put in place this website as a mean of communication and exchanges between the foundation and its various partners. This site will be an area of information, exchanges and expressions of different topics related to the question of human rights. It is particularly a tool to publish all the achievements and projects conducted by the foundation in the field of human rights.

AJIAL hopes to be one of the actors of change in our country, in favor of the promotion of the culture of human rights.

The whole Ajial team and I are happy to participate in this mission, counting on your support and your membership to improve the protection and the promotion of human rights in our country.

The President of Ajial

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